Windows 10 BDMV Player-Play/View Blu-ray Folder/BDMV on Windows 10

Summary: This guide examines how to play and view BDMV files on Windows 10 PC with Windows 10 BDMV Player. The methods works for BDMV folder from Blu-ray movies on Windows 10.

A Blu-ray folder usually contains 2 separate folders: BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders. The BDMV folder under root directory of a Blu-ray contains information about the contents of the Blu-ray disc. If you want to play BDMV folders on Windows 10 PC, you should keep a few things in mind to avoid any problem in playing them on Windows 10.

First, BDMV folder is not the Blu-ray first-level directory, that is to say, if you want to play a Blu-ray movie on Windows 10 PC like on an electronic Windows 10 Blu-ray player, you will need to select the Blu-ray folder as a whole, instead of any stream file.

Second, Blu-ray is a patented technology with copyrighted protection, so is a BDMV folder. You will need authorized media player with appropriate license to play this format on Windows 10. Most regular media players are not capable to play such high quality videos and formats with layers of Blu-ray protection.

UFUSoft Windows 10 Blu-ray Player is a piece of professional Blu-ray player software officially authorized by BDA(Blu-ray Disc Association). It support all Blu-ray forms, such as disc, folder and ISO files, and delivers high-quality picture and sound. Free download UFUSoft Blu-ray Player for Windows 10 and try below ways to play your BDMV folder on Windows 10 pc.

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Follow the following steps to Play BDMV, Blu-ray movie and media file on Windows 10.

Step 1: Load BDMV Folder or Open Disc or Open File

Open File: Click “Open File” button in the main interface to load the BDMV video to the Windows 10 Blu-ray Player program.

Blu-ray Player for Windows 8

Open Disc: To load Blu-ray disc, you can click “Open Disc” button in the main interface to select Blu-ray drive and then click “OK” button to load the Blu-ray directly.

To load Blu-ray/BDMV folder, you can click “Open Disc” button to directly select the Blu-ray/BDMV folder and click “OK” button.

Tips: 1. This program provides two methods to load the Blu-ray disc or media file: You can load the Blu-ray disc or media file through the corresponding button; also you can click “File” column to choose corresponding loading mode.

2. When you want to play the Blu-ray ISO image file, you need to load Blu-ray ISO image file to the virtual drive firstly, the open method is the same with loading Blu-ray disc.

Step 2: Select one option from Menu

After loading Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray iso image file or Blu-ray BDMV folder, you will see a menu list containing Play Movie, Chapter, Audio, Subtitle and Other Titles.

Step 3: Start to play

For Blu-ray: you can choose “Play Movie” to directly play the main movie. Or you can choose the other options according to your requirement.

Step 4: Take Snapshot from BDMV file

While the video is playing, click the “Snapshot” button to take a picture from a video. Click Open Snapshot Folder to find the captured picture. You can choose the snapshot format and the snapshot folder in the Preference window. And also you can choose the image format like JPEG, PNG, BMP.

Step 5: Play specific Title/Chapter

When playing Blu-ray disc, you are allowed to choose the specific title/chapter in the “Controls > Title/Chapter” column to play.

Take snapshot Blu-ray Player

Step 6: Stop the playing Blu-ray Folder/BDMV on Windows 10

Click “Stop” image button to stop and eject the playing video and then come back to the main interface, thus you can load the next one to start playing Blu-ray Folder/BDMV on Windows 10.

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