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2014 the Best iMac Blu-ray Player Software-Play Blu-ray disc or ISO Files on iMac

“I have a iMac desk top with Mac OS X (10.8) operating system and an external Blu-ray drive and i want to buy a Blu-ray Player Software for it. So the question is what Blu-ray software should I purchase and how could I watch Blu-ray on my iMac?” ザ iMacの is a range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc, features an ultrathin all-in-one design, beautiful widescreen display, the
latest processors and graphics, and advanced storage options. The iMac has no built-in support for Blu-ray discs. Blu-ray players use a different type of laser than CDs and DVDs, and data is stored more compactly. The differences are internal, so placing a Blu-ray disc in your iMac will not damage the drive, but it also won’t allow you to view your movie.

Despite a lack of Blu-ray drive and native blu-ray playback support, you can still play Blu-ray movies on iMac. 今日, I would like to introduce a new way to play your Blu-ray on Macbook. そして、あなたが必要なものは、名前付きのサードパーティソフトウェアの一種である UFUSoft iMac Blu-ray Player Software which is specially designed for iMac.

How to Play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, or BDMV folder on iMac by iMac Blu-ray Player software?

1. iMacの (iMac G3/G4/G5 included)
2. An internal or external Blu-ray drive: USB ≥ 2.0 or FireWire ≥ 400.
3. のBlu - rayプレーヤーソフトウェア(UFUSoft iMac Blu-ray Player): It is such a reliable software which can port DTS5.1 for Mac initially in the world. It also allows you to play AVCHD video and a large number of other multimedia files, including WMV, MPEG, MP4, MTS, MKV, FLV, AVI, 等.
4. Internet connection.
5. Blu-ray discs (BD).

ステップワン: ブルーレイドライバを接続します
あなたが外部のブルーレイドライバを持っている必要があります. Connect it to iMac via USB interface

ステップ二つ: Run iMac Blu-ray Player
After confirming your hardware matches the requirements above, simple install iMac Blu-ray Player and insert your disc in the drive, and this program will play automatically..

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ステップスリー: のBlu - rayムービーを再生する
ブルーレイディスクを開く. 一部のBlu-rayディスクが自動的に起動されます, 他人は、オープンボタンで開くことができます.
つのオープンボタンがあります: “ファイルを開く” と “オープンディスク”.

iMac Blu-ray Player

When you play Blu-ray disc, just click on the ‘Open Disc’ button and select the Blu-ray disc in the pop-up dialogue. ローディングのカップル秒後, you can enjoy the Blu-ray movies on iMac freely. そうでなければ, あなたは押すことができます “ファイルを開く” ボタンへ play Blu-ray ISO files or videos on iMac 他のメディアフォーマットで.

I think it would be the simplest way to lead your iMac to the extremely Blu-ray world.

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