How to Play Blu-Ray with VLC in Windows 10 64-bit/32-bit?

Fenêtres 10 is an entirely new version of the veteran Windows operating system by Microsoft. The latest Windows 10 système, is no longer just an operating system for 32-bit and 64-bit PCs, but also run on the ARM platform for smaller tablets and smartphones.

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, et divers protocoles de streaming. La 2.0 and later version of VLC Media Player support Blu-ray media playback with some extra operations. You can download the latest version from VLC official website.

Cependant, pour des raisons juridiques, AACS et BD DRM bibliothèques et les clés ne sont toujours pas livré. That means only Blu-ray disc with AACS libraries exposed are supported. Below I will introduce the guide referred from VLC’s forum.

How to Play Blu-ray with VLC Media Player for Free on Windows 10?

Étape 1: Aller à, download, install and run the latest version of VLC for your system.

Étape 2: Aller à: to download the KEYS DATABASE(KEYDB.cfg) and AACS DYNAMIC LIBRARY(libaacs.dll for Windows or libaacs.dylib for Mac).

For Windows 10 Utilisateurs


* Ouvrez votre zone utilisateur (“C:Usersyour usernameAppData”)


* Activer afficher les fichiers et dossiers cachés (Under Folder Options – View tab then select “show hidden files…”->sélectionner ok)


* Ouvert “AppData” directory or create a folder and name it aacs

* Place the downloaded KEYDB.cfg file in this folder directly.

Télécharger Installer AACS bibliothèque dynamique pour VLC à utiliser:


* Aller à “c:Program Files” [Ou "c:Program Files (x86)" si vous utilisez 64bit]

* Navigate to “VLC” directory, and move the libaacs.dll file into it.

Maintenant, you can easily play Blu-Ray disc with VLC on Windows for free. Noter: The latest VLC still doesn’t have menu support yet.

Pointe: VLC does not yet support Blu-ray menus so you must manually select title to play. Not all Blu-ray movies are supported. VLC can only deal with discs which its library has the corresponding AACS keys. Cependant, pour des raisons juridiques, AACS et BD DRM bibliothèques et les clés ne sont toujours pas livré. In case there are a lot of unsolved problems that you are experiencing every now and again when it comes to playing Blu-ray with VLC, there are better options that you can adopt so that you can continue to enjoy your Blu-ray videos. One of these alternative methods is that you can get a Lecteur Blu-ray pour Windows 10(Seulement $45 for Lifetime) to play Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray dossier, Blu-ray ISO on Windows 10 directement avec les Blu-ray effet. Ou vous pouvez louer un Blu-ray Ripper pour Windows 10(Seulement $59 for Lifetime) à déchirer et transcoder disques Blu-ray à WMV/AVI/MPG/MPEG/MOV/MKV/MP4 etc pour la lecture sur Windows 10 Les joueurs PC ou multimédia.