Free Download Windows 7 Blu-ray,Blu-ray Playback on Windows 7

Summary: If you are trying find a good blu-ray player for Windows 7 on PC and want to play blu-ray iso movie files on windows 7, Here is an introduction to you.

Perhaps you are bothered with that there’s no software to play your Blu-ray Disc or Blu-ray ISO files on Windows 7. Sin embargo, you can get rid of this trouble by using UFUSoft Ventanas 7 Blu-ray.

Blu-ray player on Windows 7 is an easy-to–use video software program, which gives you a unique experience with its high video broadcast quality and customer-oriented design.


1) A Windows 7 ordenador

2) A Blu-ray drive (USB should be above 2.0)

3) UFUSoft Software reproductor de Blu-ray

4) A Blu-ray Disc

5) Network connection

How to play Blu-ray Disc on Windows 7

Paso 1: Connect your computer with an external Blu-ray drive via USB interface if it doesn’t have one.

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Paso 2: Download UFUSoft Blu-ray Player for Windows 7 and install this Windows 7 Blu-ray player on your computer.

Paso 3: Conseguir Ventanas 7 play Blu-ray.

1) Run UFUSoft Windows 7 Blu-ray;

2) Insert your Blu-ray disc into the Blu-ray drive;

3) UFUSoft de Windows 7 Blu-ray Player can automatically play the Blu-ray movie on Windows 7when the disc is inserted. You can also click the right bottom icon and select Open Disc to open the disc manually. You can also choose Open File to play Blu-ray folders or ISO files.

Get Windows 7 play Blu-ray

Just in the above steps, usted puede get your Windows 7 play Blu-ray successfully. Free download one and have a try.

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